What is Ultraviolet (UV) Water Filtration?


Ultraviolet filtration systems in point of use water coolers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. This type of filtration can kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria that have passed through the initial filter stages. Water is allowed to flow around a long UV lamp that is housed by a stainless steel tube and is irradiated by ultraviolet light as it passes. To allow time for the light to kill bacteria, the water cooler’s water flow is restricted to .5 gallons per minute. Ultraviolet filter assemblies are used in conjunction with 2 and 3 stage water filtration systems as the last level of filtration. Water cooler manufacturers recommend UV filtration for areas that use well water or where the city water chlorine level is uncertain. The bulb plugs into a 110 volt outlet, stays on continuously and usually has an alarm that indicates when the bulb has burnt out and should be replaced.

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