What are Point of Use Water Coolers?


Point of use water coolers are water coolers that connect directly to the building’s incoming city water source, they can filter the water, and they can heat or cool the water before it is used. This type of water cooler is often referred to as a POU Dispenser, or POU Water Cooler Dispenser. POU water coolers typically require a standard 115 volt outlet power source since they store, and heat or cool the water. If the unit is configured with a Reverse Osmosis filter, it will need a connection to the building’s drainage system otherwise no drainage is necessary. Typical POU water coolers come in either free standing or countertop versions. The freestanding POU coolers sit on the ground and are up to 40 inches tall; this is the most commonly sized water cooler. Countertop water coolers are intended to be used in smaller spaces and are placed on a table or countertop. The countertop versions store less water and are intended to service a smaller number of people.

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