What are Cook and Cold Water Coolers?


Cook and Cold Water Coolers are water coolers that store and dispense room temperature and cold water. The term “cook” indicates that the room temperature water is intended to be used for cooking. Of course, it can also be used for drinking too. Both POU water coolers and bottled water coolers can be purchase with the Room temperature and cold features. Additionally, they can be purchased as either freestanding or countertop water cooler sizes. In either case, the water cooler will have a compressor to chill the water and a reservoir to store it. Typically, bottled water coolers will not have a reservoir for the room temperature water; it simply dispenses water directly from the bottle. Cold water reservoirs will be either stainless steel or plastic depending on the brand. Because cook and cold units have a compressor to cool water, they will need an outlet to power the compressor. A standard 110 volt electrical outlet will do the job; just plug in the unit.

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