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Vertex UV-4061 Ultra Violet Replacement Lamp

Vertex UV-4061 Ultra Violet Replacement Lamp
Vertex UV-4061 Ultra Violet Replacement Lamp
Manufacturer: Vertex Water Dispensers
Mfg Number: UV-4061
SKU: UV-4061
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    Ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in point-of-use filter systems and is FDA approved for disinfecting filtered water. Adding a UV stage will reduce the need for cleaning and flushing filter systems. The easily replaceable bulb is housed in a stainless steel tube and has a 9000 hour life (over a year).

    The UV lamp stays on continuously. As the water flows around the lamp, it is irradiated by the ultraviolet light. Water flow is restricted to .5 GPM to allow time for the UV light to be effective. The lamp slides into a quartz tube which is sealed from the water and a purple color shows through the plastic flow fittings while it is working. An alarm in the powerpack sounds when the bulb burns out. A 6-watt transformer powers the UV bulb and is prewired to the cooler.

    Where to use: This UV stage may be used as the last stage on POU filter systems for well water in rural areas, or in towns and villages that have uncertain chlorination. This UV stage is also available as a sub-assembly which can be added to an existing filter system with a transformer for standard 110 volt outlets. Replacement lamps are available separately.