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Vertex CF-4062 Carbon Block Cartridge

Vertex CF-4062 Carbon Block Cartridge
Vertex CF-4062 Carbon Block Cartridge
Manufacturer: Vertex Water Dispensers
Mfg Number: CF-4062
SKU: CF-4062
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    Standard Filtration for all models

    2-stage system using disposable, NSF listed, inline filters with Quick connect fittings for simple, sanitary, no-mess filter changes. Stage-1 Sediment Filter: 5 micron, 2.5" x 12" polyspun filter removes suspended particles, rust and pipe scale down to 5 microns (about 1/10 the size of a human hair). Recommended replacement - 6 months.

    Stage-2 Carbon Filter: 2.5" x 12" Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine taste and odor plus other common earthy, fishy, musty tastes and odors. 2500 gal rated capacity. Recommended replacement - 6 months.

    Reverse Osmosis Filtration for all models

    3-stage system uses Standard Filtration (above) plus additional Reverse Osmosis membrane to remove an average of 95% of dissolved minerals and other contaminants. RO membranes filter at the molecular level equivalent to 0.0001 micron. Typical useful life is 2-4 years depending on water quality and usage.

    *option available on floor standing models only.