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Point of use water coolers, or bottleless water coolers, are ideal for any size office or even home use. POU water coolers connect directly to the building's incoming water pipe, filter out minerals, odors and chemicals, and can heat or cool the water. Depending on the incoming water quality, point of use water coolers can be purchased with multiple stage water filter systems. Each filter removes either chemicals, minerals, odors or very small debris from the water giving the water a refreshing taste. Typically, office water coolers are point of use water coolers and can save money over the long run because they eliminate the cost of bottled water service. The constant supply of heated or cooled, filtered water provides the best tasting and most refreshing water all day.

Water Filters - Water Cooler Filters - Under Sink Water Filters

Water cooler filters remove the common minerals, chemicals and odors from the city water coming through your point of use water cooler or sink. Usually, there are multi stage filters with each stage removing chemicals or a specific size of mineral.

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