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Oasis Hot, Room Temperature 'N Cold POU Water Cooler - Black / Gray - PRVC2LRHK 504350

Oasis Hot, Room Temperature 'N Cold POU Water Cooler - Black / Gray - PRVC2LRHK 504350
Oasis Hot, Room Temperature 'N Cold POU Water Cooler - Black / Gray - PRVC2LRHK 504350
Manufacturer: Oasis Water Dispensers
Mfg Number: PRVC2LRHK
SKU: 504350
Black / Gray
12.75" W x 16.75" D x 45.13" H
Availability: In Stock Usually ships In 4-6 Business Days
Price: $885.70

    Aqua Bar II Series Ultra Point of Use water cooler provides the most sophisticated approach to your water cooler needs. Model PRVC2LRHK includes a large, four gallon stainless steel storage reservoir, perfect for reverse osmosis applications. AQUA BAR II Ultra POU unit can have a variety of built-in filtration systems offering efficient removal of water contaminants. With GREEN FILTER, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) filtration system, this Hot / Cook N' Cold water cooler allows you to enjoy the freshest drink available today. It is designed with superior technology to deliver safe, great tasting water every time. Its advanced features make it easy to use and fasten the process. This unit is backed by 3 year limited warranty.

    Oasis Aqua Bar II Series Ultra Hot, Cook & Cold Water Cooler PRVC2LRHK Features:

    • Stylish, Contemporary Cabinet: Modern cabinet design accented by charcoal gray or satin silver accent trim with either a carbon fiber look or marble style panel depending on model. Sleek injection molded ABS plastic top and front with removable metal side panels. Holes are pre-drilled on cabinet side for a cup dispenser.
    • Water Dispensing System: Easy to use buttons located on front display panel for tri-temperature dispensing for hot, cold and/or ambient temperatures. Large faucet alcove for filling sports bottles and carafes.
    • Cold Water Refrigeration Unit: Convection-cooled condenser, internally spring-mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector.
    • Water Reservoir System: Cold Water Reservoir - Four gallon, non-removable 300 Series stainless steel tank with external copper refrigerant coil encased in molded foam insulation. Hot Water Reservoir - 33.8 ounce, 300 Series stainless steel tank with 450 watt element.
    • Chilling Capacity: Two gallons of 50 deg F water per hour (43 x 6 oz. Cups).
    • Heating Capacity: Over two gallons of piping hot water per hour (45 x 6 oz. cups).
    • Hot Water Safety Faucet: Faucet with safety button requires a two-step action that is simple for adults to use, but helps to protect small children.
    • Drip Receptor: Large capacity drip tray lifts out for easy removal and is dishwasher safe.
    • Mobility: Molded side handles and rear rollers allow agile movement and installation.
    • Pedestal: Optional pedestal raises dispense point an extra 6-1/2" from floor.
    • Shut-off valve prevents water from being wasted once the water reservoir is full.
    • Electromechanical controls for tri-temperatures with gray accent trim with carbon fiber look panel.
    • Cold/Hot Water Thermostat controls the temperature with an "Off" position readily accessible for hot and cold water. Hot water temperature is not adjustable.
    • Advanced Electronic Control System:
      - Adjustable hot / cold water temperature with "Off" position.
      - Hot booster function for tea.
      - Night setback energy saver.
      - UV life monitors.
      - Digital clock.
      - Control lock-out feature.
    • Leak Detector with Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve shuts off water to unit if a leak is detected.
    • Oasis High Intensity In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) Filtration System for added protection against water contaminants
    • 3-Year Warranty
    • UL listed
    • Available Filtration Systems:
      - Filter and RO ready.
      - GREEN FILTER triple stage filtration.
      - RO Filtration System.

    Reverse Osmosis

    Aqua Bar II Ultra offers a four stage RO filtration system, providing the highest quality filtration possible. The Aqua Bar II incorporates a four gallon chilled water reservoir, making it unnecessary to purchase an external water tank or shut-off valve. Oasis's RO system removes 99.9% of all types of impurities from the water including dissolved solids, viruses, and bacteria. Reverse Osmosis filtration is the most effective filtration in the marketplace, a process whereby water is passed through a permeable membrane at a molecular level, using pressure differentials between each side. Through this process, contaminant atoms are retained on the contaminated side of the membrane while allowing only pure water molecules to pass through to the other side.

    In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV)

    Aqua Bar II Ultra Series comes with the most effective UV technology in the market. This system is positioned inside the cold water reservoir, where much longer exposure insures the UV light source keeps the stainless steel tank and its contents clean. To maintain the system operating at maximum effectiveness, the Aqua Bar II incorporates an end-of-life UV lamp monitor, indicating the time to replace the lamp, preventing its normal intensity degradation from falling below its ability to destroy potentially harmful organisms.

    - Carbon Fiber look panel
    - Burled Walnut look panel
    - Accessory pedestal to increase faucet-to-floor height

    Optional Filter Assembly:

    • 1 Stage Carbon - 037070-1100
    • 1 Stage Carbon / Phosphate - 037070-1200
    • 1 Stage Carbon / Lead - 037070-1300
    • 1 Stage Carbon / Lead / Phosphate - 037070-1400
    • 1 Stage Sediment - 037070-1600
    • 2 Stage Sediment & Carbon - 037070-2610
    • 2 Stage Sediment & Carbon / Phosphate - 037070-2620
    • 2 Stage Sediment & Carbon / Lead - 037070-2630
    • 2 Stage Sediment & Carbon / Lead / Phosphate - 037070-2640
    • 3 Stage Sediment & Carbon & Carbon/Lead/Phos � 037070-3645
    Oasis Aqua Bar II Series Ultra Hot, Cook & Cold Water Cooler PRVC2LRHK Specifications
    Cabinet Features
    ABS Plastic TopInstalled
    Removable Metal Side PanelsInstalled
    Pre-Drilled Cup Dispenser HolesInstalled
    Satin Silver ABS TrimInstalled
    Carbon Fiber Look PanelOptional
    Marble Look PanelStandard
    Burled Walnut Look PanelOptional
    Water Dispensing System
    Tri-Temp (Hot/Cold/Ambient)Installed
    Hot Water Safety FaucetInstalled
    Cold Water Reservoir System
    300 Series Stainless SteelInstalled
    Storage Capacity (Oz)512
    Chilling Cap/Gal/Hr2
    Chilling Cap/6oz Cups/Hr43
    Hot Water Reservoir System
    300 Series Stainless SteelInstalled
    Storage Capacity (Oz)33.8
    Heating Cap/Gal/Hr2.1
    Heating Cap/6oz Cups/Hr45
    Control System
    Electric ControllerInstalled
    Adjustable Cold TempInstalled
    Off Position for Cold TempInstalled
    Adjustable Hot TempInstalled
    Hot Booster Function for TeaInstalled
    Night Setback Energy SaverInstalled
    UV Light Life MonitorInstalled
    Filter Life MonitorInstalled
    Digital ClockInstalled
    Control Lock-Out FeatureInstalled
    Filtration Systems
    Oasis Reverse Osmosis (RO)Installed
    Oasis In-Tank UV SystemInstalled
    Filtration Stages
    Stage 1Reduces dirt, sand, and other large particles
    Stage 2Reduces chlorine, tastes, and odors
    Stage 3RO
    Stage 4Reduces chlorine, tastes, and odors
    Stage 5UV (Ultraviolet system located in the cold water reservoir)
    Leak Detection System Installed
    Product Dimensions 12.75" W x 16.75" D x 45.13" H
    Limited Warranty 3 Yr

    12.75" W x 16.75" D x 45.13" H