Create Fresh Tasting Water with a Point of Use Water Cooler


Taste is absolutely subjective but most people will agree that whatever their taste they still want better tasting water. Removing sediment, chlorine, lead, dissolved minerals and odors will improve the taste of your city supplied water. Point of Use Water Coolers connect directly to the city water pipes within a building and generally filter the water. Even though city water must meet EPA standards for drinking, city water filtration processes include treating the water with chlorine and other chemicals to kill bacteria to bring the water to a safe drinking standard. The downside is that this treatment can leave the water tasting more like chlorine that water.

It is not necessary to filter all water coming into a house or office since only 2-5% of that water is used for drinking. If your goal is to improve the taste, it is better to filter only the water that is used for drinking. By using a Point of Use water cooler, you can filter your drinking water and provide instant hot and cold water as an added convenience. A 2 to 4 stage filtration system can be used depending on the chlorine, bacteria and mineral levels water coming out of the pipes. The filtering process is simple. The first stages of filtration remove sediment, such as sand, dust, and loose particles, down to 5-microns. A micron is a metric unit of measurement that is one millionth of a meter; a human hair is about 25 microns in diameter. The next stage includes a carbon filter or sediment / carbon combination filter. This stage removes odors and chemicals such as chlorine. If a third stage is used, it is typically a Reverse Osmosis filtration method. The RO filtration process will remove up to 95% of any dissolved minerals that were small enough to pass through the first stages. Reverse Osmosis filtration can remove particles as small as 0.0001 microns! A final level of filtration can be in the form of Ultraviolet light filtration which uses ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria that remains in the water after the first 3 stages of filtration.

This process is a fantastic way to improve the taste and health levels of drinking water. Another great benefit is that such filtration can improve the hydration characteristics of the water as well. The more acidic a fluid is the less hydrating ability it has. By removing the particles, dissolved minerals and chemicals from city water, the water’s acidity level is decreased allowing it to hydrate the human body much better.

To find the right Point of Use Water Cooler for you, check our comprehensive list of water coolers, you can also check out our Water Cooler Buying Guide, or just give us a call and speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales team.