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Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners - Portable Room Air Conditioners - Air Conditioners

Our collection of Portable Air Conditioners has some of the least expensive Portable Air Conditioners available. They do a fine job in all size rooms. We have Portable Room Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners, Best Portable Air Conditioners, and Portable Air Conditioner Units. These Air Conditioners have quality features like exhaust hose so that you don't have to empty the water-collection cup too often. These small and inexpensive Portable Air Conditioners are noiseless and easy to install and operate.


Through-the-Wall - Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners - Thru the Air Conditioner

Our range of Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners provides you versatile and energy efficient air conditioning solutions. They have ultra modern built that protects the AC from the corrosion and extends its operating life. These Thru The Wall Air Conditioners have standard size chassis that fits into any wall sleeve so that you can easily upgrade your existing appliance. Through The Wall Air Conditioners gives proper cooling to rooms of all sizes. Easy to install and operate, our range of Thru The Wall ACs also includes Through-the-Wall Room ACs.

Window Mounted

Window Mounted Air Conditioners - Window Mount Air Conditioners - Window Unit Air Conditioners

Window Mounted Air Conditioners are very useful if you have a space crunch or just want to save space in your room to give a open look to it. Window Mounted Air Conditioners spread the cooling effect evenly in the whole space and are easy to install and operate. Available in all elegant colors to match your room's ambiance, we have a vast range of Window Mounted Air Conditioners to choose from. Our range includes Window Unit Air Conditioners, Window Portable Air Conditioners and Wall Mounted Air Conditioners. These Air Conditioners are available with sleek and stylish remote control with full functions. Buy one for you!