• Point of Use Water Coolers

    Point of use water coolers provide unlimited amounts of clean, great tasting, sparkling clear drinking water at your fingertips and are ideal for any size office or home. They connect directly to the building's incoming water pipe filtering out chemicals, minerals, debris and odors, dispensing clean, great tasting hot, cold or room temperature water. Point of use water coolers also offer contemporary styling in a variety of colors matching nearly any atmosphere or decor.

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  • Countertop Water Coolers

    Countertop water coolers offer a compact, space saving design perfect for apartments, small offices or homes with minimal space. They are versatile, durable and lightweight while offering many of the same features of an undercounter or floor sized unit. Countertop water coolers may use up to a 3 gallon bottle of water at a time or is available as a point of use unit that connects to an existing waterline. They are an inexpensive, convenient way to provide safe, clean cooking and drinking water.

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  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled water coolers are the most traditional style of water cooler offering quality, versatility and durability at an affordable price. The bottled water cooler is very easy to install and maintain making it easy to use anywhere within a home or office. Any water supplier can be used based on your own personal needs and eliminates the process of installing or changing water filters. Bottled water coolers provide a convenient, inexpensive way to dispense hot, cold and warm water for cooking or drinking.

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